Neutral 62/44: Residences and schools demanding high light transmittance, heat insulation and solar control.

Neutral 50/33: Office, hotels and hospitals preferring optimum light transmission, heat isolation and efficient solar control.

Neutral 41/27: Warmer climate zones and roof skylights where controlled daylight and more effective solar control come to the forefront.

Neutral 71/43: Housing, villa and shop windows where transparency and low reflection in addition to heat and solar control come to the forefront.

Neutral 58/32: Residences and commercial buildings which require high light transmittance, effective heat and solar control.

*  Provides solar control and heat insulation with only one single coating. 

*  Reduces heating and cooling costs.

*  Removes the risk of an injury by breaking apart small and not sharp pieces when the glass is broken.

*  Resistant to spread loads up to 5 times according to a non-tempered glass.

*  Offers custom solutions for projects with different performance options.